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As General Contractors our job is to provide all material, labor and equipment as well as overseeing all aspects of a construction project and manage the day-to-day functions including coordinating logistics and supplies for the project. Another very important but very often downplayed aspect of a good General Contractor is budget and time management, in order to get things done in a timely manner and on budget, a good General Contractor must maintain good communication between all involved parties throughout the course of a building project. This valuable skill keeps the flow of information between the client(s), contractor, sub contractor(s), suppliers and labor force so that mistakes that could cost you time and money are prevented.

At GVG Builders we pride ourselves on having good time and budget management skills to save you valuable time and money.



Whether its a financial institution, retail or office, no matter how big or small the budget, we can work with you to make your dream a reality. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large chain we can help you build or renovate any sized building.



From Police Stations to Firehouses to hospitals and schools and everything in between in the private or public sector. With us you will get the best quality construction at a very competitive price.



We work government building contracts for public works projects as well as parks and recreation.

Historic Restoration


Whether 50 or 500 years old, restoring old buildings require special care, not to mention following very strict and specific requirements, building techniques and materials. Our team has the expertise and knowledge needed for these types of restoration projects.



Big or small, we can accommodate any type of budget to build, expand or renovate so you can have the house you always dreamed of.

Architects & Engineers


If you have not hired an architect yet we can handle that as well. In fact, your cost of fees for the architectural and engineering needed to secure the building permit and construct your building will be substantially less if GVG hires the architect, civil engineer, electrical engineer, and mechanical engineer.  We can save you a lot of money just by being involved in the design to control the various design elements to be more cost effective.

Geotechnical & Testing Services


If for some reason there had been no borings performed on the building site, we will insist on having this done. It’s to protect the owner as well as ourselves. We use Driggers Engineering Services on most projects, especially in the west central area of the state. We also will use them to perform compaction tests as well as concrete slump and cylinder testing or any other testing required for the project. All test reports will be provided to the owner and architect. You can visit their website at www.driggers-eng.com.



We can have a live web cam system on your project.  This enables the owner, architect and lender to watch the project from any internet connected computer in real time.  This also greatly enhances our management of the project and provides an extremely high level of security. On small projects, it may even eliminate the need for an on site project manager. The system we use actually records the last 30 days that we can go back and watch anytime.   When you log on to the camera you’ll be able to control it by panning left or right, up or down and zoom in at up to 100x.  If you see something unusual, with one click you can capture that view save it and e-mail it to someone.  It’s a really awesome system. We also give the password to the subs on the job so they can watch their employees working at the jobsite.  The employees don’t like it much but it certainly keeps them on their toes knowing that they are being watched.  Obviously there is a small cost for this system and you’ll need high speed internet at the jobsite. These days internet access is a necessity anyway.

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